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A collection of real alien and real UFO pictures and photos. Even those that don't believe at first that that UFOs and aliens are real will certainly start to wonder when they see these amazing real life alien pictures and UFO photos collected from real people from all over the world.
real ufo picture

Alien Pictures

Pictures of aliens have been fascinating the people of Earth for a long time. It is only natural that we want to know more about the beings with whom we are sharing the universe. Through out the decades and centuries pictures and photos of aliens have surfaced. However, now in the digital age a greater and greater number of alien pictures have come to light. Certainly, the increased number of alien pictures has a lot to do with the number of people that have their own digital cameras or video cameras. With these cameras in the hands of everyday people there is more of a chance that there will be a camera around when there is the opportunity to take an alien picture of a real alien. The internet has also been a blessing for those of us that feel that aliens are real to publish out alien picture evidence without having to rely on others being willing to publish the alien pictures. So, we have decided to show the world the proof of the existence of aliens by publishing the alien pictures we have been able to find. The vast majority of these alien pictures are found on the internet. Which just goes to show that people will always find a way to tell the truth.


real alien pic This is just one available picture of a real alien autopsy. The mass media will try to tell you that these are fake images but they are just hiding the truth. We have decided to do the world a service and show the real alien pictures. Click here to see our collection of alien pictures
alien baby Just like humans, aliens have babies and with so many aliens finding their way to Earth it was only a matter or time before a picture of an alien baby made its way into the public sphere. This alien baby picture is just one of many alien pictures we have available. Click here to see more alien pictures

UFO Pictures

If aliens have visited Earth that it only makes sense that they had to use a space craft - what we as humans call an UFO - in order to make their journey from their home planet to Earth. Humans have always looked up at the sky so it isn't really a shock that some people would be lucky enough to spot a UFO in the sky. Ever since it has been possible to take pictures people who have spotted an UFO have been getting their cameras out and taking UFO pictures. Many of these people that have taken UFO pictures have faced ridicule and questions relating to their character because they have dared to go public with their UFO pictures. Some of the people that have taken UFO pictures have died thinking it was only them that knew the truth about UFO. So, as a tribute to both them and the more modern day UFO picture takers, we have decided to publish their UFO pictures so people all over the world can now know what they knew first about UFO evidence.


real ufo picture The advances of modern day cameras have allowed for better quality UFO pictures to become available every day. This is an UFO picture taken over a small town in Nevada, USA. It was miles away but the extreme zoom on the persons camera allowed an amazing UFO picture to be taken. Click here to see more modern day UFO pictures
ufo pic This is an example of one of the UFO pictures taken back in the days when the person who took the UFO picture was more likely to be sent to the loony bin than to believed about their UFO encounter. So, we have put these classic UFO pictures up on the site so that their proof of UFO existence can finally be seen by people that believe. Click here to see more classic UFO pictures
Help us collect evidence

We are on a mission to show the world that aliens and UFOs do really exist. That is why we are showing all these UFO pictures and alien pictures. However, we are only a small group of people and can only tell our own tales. The more people that speak the truth the more information is out there for people to make up their own minds.

We would like to share your person alien and UFO stories with the world. If you have had an encounter with an alien or have seen a UFO we would love to hear from you. We are a friendly ear that want to believe you and would never ridicule you in the way others might. So, if you would like to share your experience with us then simply write us an email describing your encounter or what you saw. Once we have a few we will put up a new section of the website so that other people can read your real alien and real ufo stories. We don't have to use your real name so if you want us to use a name other than your real name please let us know that. Also, please let us know where you are located so we can keep track of where in the world UFO and alien activity is happening the most. Click here to email us your stories

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