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A collection of real alien and real UFO pictures and photos. Even those that don't believe at first that that UFOs and aliens are real will certainly start to wonder when they see these amazing real life alien pictures and UFO photos collected from real people from all over the world.
real ufo picture
Alien Pictures

This is our collection of the best alien pictures we have been able to find online. Each of the alien pictures shows a different aspect of alien culture and alien envolvement with Earth. Not only do we have normal alien pictures but we also have alien pictures of alien babies and a good number of pictures of dead aliens. The dead aliens are either simply dead in the pictures or are the subject of an alien autopsy. Which just goes to show that we aren't the only ones that know the truth about aliens. If only those people that have worked on aliens would speak up and tell us all the full truth. Still, for all we know they are the ones that released the alien pictures in the first place.


alien baby Alien babies aren't always pretty but then again human babies are a bit wrinkled and messy too. This alien baby picture is from the 1950's. Heavens only knows what was thought of the person that took this alien picture way back then but we are glad they were brave enough to pick up their camera and take a picture of the alien baby. We are even more glad that they were brave enough to make sure the picture made it into the public. We don't know what happened to this baby but we do hope it wasn't harmed in anyway but sadly, it probably wasn't treated very nicely.
baby alien Then there are some alien babies that really are cute. This cute alien baby was sadly dead when it was discovered in Japan but at least we are all able to take a good look at the little thing through this alien picture. Who knows how it made its way to Earth but thanks to an alien picture it will never be forgotten.
alien picture The grown up aliens make it Earth much more than the baby aliens so it makes sense that there are more alien pictures of adult aliens around on the internet. The person that took this alien picture didn't even know they had the picture until they took a roll of film to get developed. Then when they took a look at the pictures they were stunned to find this haunting alien picture staring back at them. To this day the couple from Oklahoma still have no idea how the picture got onto their camera.
alien picture Perhaps we too often convey the image that aliens that come to Earth are all looking to cause trouble. That is most likely unfair as in many cases the aliens are probably just explorers trying to find out what there is in the universe - just as humans are trying to do. A farmer woke up one night to a strange glow coming from his barn. He always took his camera with him when there was trouble on the farm just incase he needed pictures for the police or for insurance. Imagine his surprise when he saw this alien looking back at him. In the alien picture it looks as if the alien is just as curious as the farmer was when he took the alien picture.
alien body This scary looking alien body was found in a cave in Brazil. It is interesting that its skull is shaped a bit differently than how we would normally think an alien would work. However, what it shows is that aliens come in as many different varieties as humans. Surely, there isn't just one planet the aliens are coming from so it makes sense that they wouldn't all look exactly the same. Personally, we think that makes the whole business of watching aliens all the more interesting and alien pictures more interesting too.
dead baby alien The origins of this picture of a dead baby alien fetus are a mystery. It is obvious from the picture that a medical procedure had taken place but we aren't sure what happened for the baby alien to be dead and there aren't many clues in the alien picture. That said, it seems obvious that there was an adult alien carrying the fetus. What we really don't know is what happened to that adult alien. Perhaps it was already dead or maybe it was killed and the focus of an alien autopsy. Which ever we are happy that somebody there was brave enough to take a picture of the baby alien and send it to various alien believers.
dead alien With as many aliens that make it to Earth some of them are bound to die while they are Earth. We aren't sure how all of the dead aliens we have alien pictures of met their end but it is clear somebody on Earth knew they were dead and were able to take a picture of the alien.
dead alien picture This dead alien was clearly dead for a while before somebody took the alien picture. That gives us hope that the alien's body was discovered rather than it being killed by the person who took the picture of the alien. Perhaps there was a space craft crash or it simply died as any creature eventually does. Either way we find the alien picture interesting and am glad it was taken.
dead alien The best thing about this alien picture is that it shows that somebody somewhere was trying to keep this alien alive. That gives us hope that not everyone that comes in contact with a real alien is looking to exploit them for negative reasons. This picture of a dying alien shows the alien in a seriously frail state but fighting to stay alive. We only wish we knew if the alien in this alien picture won its fight for life.
dead alien picture On the other hand, there will always be those people that are more interested in destroying things they don't understand than in trying to understand them. This alien picture comes from the streets of South America where the locals apparently found an alien body and tore it apart until all the was left was this alien head.

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