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A collection of real alien and real UFO pictures and photos. Even those that don't believe at first that that UFOs and aliens are real will certainly start to wonder when they see these amazing real life alien pictures and UFO photos collected from real people from all over the world.
real ufo picture
Alien Pictures

This is our collection of the best alien pictures we have been able to find online. Each of the alien pictures shows a different aspect of alien culture and alien envolvement with Earth. Not only do we have normal alien pictures but we also have alien pictures of alien babies and a good number of pictures of dead aliens. The dead aliens are either simply dead in the pictures or are the subject of an alien autopsy. Which just goes to show that we aren't the only ones that know the truth about aliens. If only those people that have worked on aliens would speak up and tell us all the full truth. Still, for all we know they are the ones that released the alien pictures in the first place.

alien bones Not all alien pictures of dead aliens are taken right after the alien has died. This picture is of the bones of a dead alien. Word has it that the alien's bones were found in the Andes but they weren't discovered by the outside world for years later. Once they were found somebody took an alien picture and then the bones were moved to a lab so that better research could be done.
dead alien This dead alien in this alien picture looks to have taken a serious blow to the head which probably was the cause of his death. Perhaps there was an accident or a fight but either way it left the alien head damaged and the alien dead.
alien autopsy This alien body in this alien picture looks to be that of an older alien. So, it is possible that this alien simply died of natural causes while he was in a trip to Earth. The story goes that the alien body found in this alien picture was discovered inside a UFO but any attempts to find out more information about this alien only get so far before the government bodies start throwing things in the the path of those trying to do the research. Make of that what you will.
alien autopsy The next collection of alien pictures are some of the most amazing alien pictures ever seen. They are of a fairly recent alien autopsy. Details of exactly where these alien pictures were taken is a mystery but the quality of the photography makes it clear that the pictures have to be fairly recent.
alien autopsy Sadly for the alien it was very dead by the time this set of alien pictures were taken. However, that does mean we have the really rare chance to see what the alien looks like on the inside. We can only imagine the importance of the information the surgeons managed to get from doing such an intensive alien autopsy. Hopefully in the long run such alien pictures will let us better understand our visitors.
alien autopsy This alien picture simply has to be one of the most amazing alien pictures ever taken. Whoever it was that made sure these alien pictures made it onto the internet is a real hero.
alien skull The proof is starting to show that aliens have been visiting Earth for a very long time. This man in India discovered a skull which is clearly that of an alien that died sometime ago. Luckily, there was a camera around to have a picture of the alien head taken so that this discovery could be shared with the rest of the world. The Internet really is a beautiful thing that is bringing all of humanity closer together in our search for the truth of the universe.

Alien and UFO Pictures