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A collection of real alien and real UFO pictures and photos. Even those that don't believe at first that that UFOs and aliens are real will certainly start to wonder when they see these amazing real life alien pictures and UFO photos collected from real people from all over the world.
real ufo picture
UFO Pictures

This is our archive of UFO pictures we have discovered over the years. We decided to put all of these UFO pictures in the same place so that anyone that wanted to see a UFO picture to find out the truth about UFOs would be able to find all the UFO pictures they needed to see all in the one place. These UFO pictures were taken over a wide span of time. Some of the UFO pictures date back to the very early days of photography and some are just about as modern as they can get. Regardless of what year the UFO picture was taken the fact remains that they are all thought to be real UFO pictures.


nazi ufo The buzz about this reported Nazi UFO has been all over the internet. So we decided to bring you the UFO picture of the famous Nazi UFO so you could see if for yourself.
las vegas ufo Of all the cities in all of the world, Las Vegas is probably the one where even those people that claim not to believe in UFOs would probably expect a UFO to land. The only problem is that the town is so strange on its own that most people probably wouldn't even notice the UFO in the sky. Luckily, one tourist did think the UFO in the sky was a bit strange and took a UFO picture.
ufo picture It is amazing how many UFOs come out in the day time. This UFO picture was taken in the early morning when a paper boy was doing his rounds in rural America. He just happened to have his camera with him so he took a few snaps but he knew nobody would believe the UFO picture he took. Hopefully he now knows that he isn't the only one that believes.
ufo pic The time just after the sun has gone down is another good time to see a UFO. This UFO picture was taken just as twighlight was ending and the glow from the UFO was at its brightest. A few minutes later the UFO was gone with only this UFO picture to survive as evidence of its journey to Earth.
ufo photo This UFO picture was discovered by a man when he was clearing out his parent's belongings after they died. To his best guess, the UFO picture would have been taken sometime in the early 1960's and looks like it was taken a few miles from his parent's home in Kentucky. He doesn't know the story behind the picture as nobody is alive to tell it but when he saw the UFO picture it was he was seeing. To do help himself keep the memory of his parents alive he scanned the picture and put it on the internet so that the whole world could see what his parents saw that night.
ufo picture This is another example of somebody taking a UFO picture by accident. He thought he was just taking a picture of an odd star in the sky but when he got home and zoomed in on the picture with photo shop he saw that what he thought was a star was really a UFO picture.
ufo picture UFO picture don't just happen in the United States. This UFO picture was taken on the hillside in Wales, United Kingdom. Proof that UFOs aren't just something that are seen in America. After all, the Earth is a big place and it makes sense that UFO pictures would surface from every corner of the globe.
ufo pic This is another UFO picture taken in the United Kingdom. THis time it was taken in Devon, England.
ufo photo This is another UFO picture that was taken in the 1960's. The quality of the UFO picture is a bit grainy but we can clearly see that the UFO is hovering over the tree line. According to the person that took the UFO picture, it stayed hovering in that position for nearly an hour before suddenly vanishing.
ufo picture This is a fairly unique UFO picture in that it shows two UFOs in the same picture. Taken in the 1950's in California it clearly shows the two UFO crafts traveling at pretty much the same level. It is hard to tell though if they are just floating or if they were taking off or heading in for a UFO landing. All the same, it still makes for an interesting UFO picture.

Alien and UFO Pictures