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A collection of real alien and real UFO pictures and photos. Even those that don't believe at first that that UFOs and aliens are real will certainly start to wonder when they see these amazing real life alien pictures and UFO photos collected from real people from all over the world.
real ufo picture
UFO Pictures

This is our archive of UFO pictures we have discovered over the years. We decided to put all of these UFO pictures in the same place so that anyone that wanted to see a UFO picture to find out the truth about UFOs would be able to find all the UFO pictures they needed to see all in the one place. These UFO pictures were taken over a wide span of time. Some of the UFO pictures date back to the very early days of photography and some are just about as modern as they can get. Regardless of what year the UFO picture was taken the fact remains that they are all thought to be real UFO pictures.


This UFO picture was taken hovering over a castle in Germany. Numerous sightings have been reported on this site over the years but it wasn't until this UFO picture was taken that there was evidence.
It is always nice when a UFO isn't just of the UFO in the sky but also shows the scene on the ground. In this UFO picture shot in the 1970's we are lucky enough to see a man on the ground reacting to the UFO spotted in the sky. It must have felt good for the person that took the UFO picture to know that at least one other person saw the UFO he saw in the sky.
UFOs do move fast so it is amazing that many UFO pictures manage to be taken. This slightly blurred UFO picture shows the UFO in movement in the sky. You can almost imagine the speed of the UFO when you realize how much it moved in just the time it took the person taking the UFO picture to take the picture.
Here is another example of a UFO picture taken in Europe. This time it is a UFO picture taken over the Alps in Switzerland. That makes sense when you think about it because it is obvious that a visitor from another planet is going to want to check out the major landmarks on Earth. The Alps certainly classify as a major landmark so it is no wonder a UFO picture would be taken flying over them.
For some reason, it is fairly rare to see UFO pictures that taken in a city. More often than not UFOs are spotted in rural settings. Perhaps that is just because cities are so busy that most people don't have time to look up into the sky to notice UFOs. So, this UFO picture of a UFO flying over Detroit in the mid 1970's is a real treat.
This area in New Mexico is a well know UFO sighting spot so it was only a matter of time before somebody caught a UFO picture from that spot. What we find particularly interesting about this UFO picture is how low the UFO is flying to the ground. Maybe it was taking a picture of the person who was taking the UFO picture!
This is a classic UFO picture from the 1960's. A farmer in Wyoming was out tending his field when he saw a UFO flying over his field. The UFO came back day after day and he knew nobody would believe him. So, one day he brought along his camera and managed to capture this UFO picture. He never noticed any cows missing during the day but was convinced that something funny was going on with them at night. It certainly wouldn't have been the first report of UFOs having an interest in cows.
This is probably the oldest of the UFO pictures we have in our collection. It is reported that this UFO picture is from the 1940's but we aren't exactly sure of the date it was taken. What it does show is that the interest in UFO pictures is nothing new and out parents and grandparents were just as interested in what was above their heads in the sky as we are today.
The interesting thing about this UFO picture is the clear shot of an airplane approaching the UFO in the sky. The person that sent us this UFO picture didn't fully explain what happened when the plane got close to the UFO but we would really love to know the true story behind this UFO picture.
Another example that UFO sightings aren't just limited to North America. This UFO was taken in the forest in Russia when a UFO was reported to crash. We don't know who took the picture or who leaked the picture into the public realm but we are very happy we had the chance to see such an amazing UFO picture.

Alien and UFO Pictures